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All I See Is You (2017) full movie online free megashare: A blind woman’s relationship with her husband changes when she regains her sight and discovers disturbing details about themselves.

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  • All I See Is You Watch Online - 26 September, 2017

    The life of a happy married couple in recent times has undergone drastic changes. Previously, their house was filled with joy and love, and now with suffering and grief. After all, my wife suddenly lost her sight. The woman could not see the world around her and what was happening around her, telling her husband “All I See Is You.” Doctors did not know the cause of a serious illness, relying only on time. The husband tried with all efforts to make the life of the wife familiar, so that she did not feel like a stranger. And after a long period of joint efforts, vision began to return. The heroine again could enjoy the light and the sun, and this was a great happiness. However, the changes that occurred in it, negatively affected her condition.