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Sing (2016) full movie online free megashare: Refusing to forsake the once glorious theatre inherited by his father, slightly delusional and utterly dedicated to his never-ending affection for show business, Buster Moon, the ambitious koala, inevitably finds himself in dire straits watching hopelessly the ticket sales rapidly decline. But is Buster Moon, the greatest showman, as hopeless as he seems? Fortunately, in one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, the visionary koala’s mind will give birth to a simple, yet fantastic idea for a show that no one would be able to resist, and hopefully, save his theatre: a singing competition. Now, every sunny daydreamer in town gets a chance to shine, and as the word of a $100.000 grand prize spreads like wildfire causing a big commotion in the city, the stage will ultimately be their battlefield. From tiny, yet overconfident and suave alto saxophonists, to heavenly-voiced bashful soloists, anybody can dream big; after all, all creatures great and small are welcome to the Moon Theatre.

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  • Sing Watch Online - 22 September, 2017

    The action of the movie Sing occurs in an amazing world in which animals behave like people. They can talk, dress in clothes and even know how to sing. Here lives a charming and nice koala named Buster, who runs his own theater. However, the theater gradually loses its popularity, the audience stops walking there, and in the end Buster remains practically impoverished and unemployed, and the theater closes. Buster could drop his hands, but he did not give up, and decided to try again to succeed: he decided to open in the theater a new and completely unique show of singers, in which anyone could try their hand. Buster invited all his friends to the show: there came also a charismatic elephant named Rosetta with his pig husband Norman, and the porcupine Ash, who had a wonderful voice, and a mountain gorilla and mouse … In the show management Buster was helped by his best friend, Eddie’s ram . Between the singers began a real competition, you can watch it if you watch the full movie Sing. Every animal that did not even have a good voice was ready to do anything to continue to participate in the talent show and compete for the prize. Everything was here: happiness from victory, pain of defeat, and behind-the-scenes intrigues …