The Mountain Between Us (2017) Watch Online

The Mountain Between Us (2017) full movie online free megashare: Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness.

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  • The Mountain Between Us Watch Online - 24 September, 2017

    Ben Trace is a young doctor who has been successfully working in an American hospital for several years. He completely devotes himself to his favorite work, completely forgetting about his personal life. Because of this, Ben is very lonely and can not find his true love in any way. Ashley is a pretty girl who works as a writer. From her pen came out a few best-selling novels that made her quite popular. Yesterday they did not even know about the existence of each other. But in the end, fate brings them together in not the most joyful circumstances. Movies “The Mountain Between Us” you can watch online in good quality.

    The main characters board the most ordinary passenger aircraft. They could not even imagine what a terrible tragedy this flight would eventually turn out to be. There is a wreck, as a result of which only Ben and Ashley manage to survive. They find themselves in unfamiliar conditions, far from cities. Around only the forest and the mountains. Will ordinary citizens of megacities survive in the wild? They can rely only on their own strengths. Ahead of them is a long way, full of various dangers. All these terrible events will forever change their habitual life.