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To the Bone (2017) full movie online free megashare: Ellen is a 20 year old woman struggling with anorexia nervosa. In the midst of family problems and her own fears, she is accepted into a group home run by an unusual doctor. Through the people she meets and the journey she takes, Ellen follows a path of self discovery and acceptance that will lead her to a surprising place she never would have thought possible.

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  • To the Bone Watch Online - 29 September, 2017

    Artists are a bit unusual and emotional. Young girl Ellen is very talented. The artist always feels that she is overweight. The fight against extra pounds becomes for her, to some extent, a mania. Ellen started to lose weight quickly enough. Criticism of paintings leads her to spiritual devastation. As a result, the artist begins to suffer from anorexia. The appearance of Ellen becomes simply terrible – a living skeleton. The stepmother of the girl Susan is forced to take her to a special hospital.

    Here, with Ellen begins to work Dr. William Beckham. He believes that it is necessary first of all to learn the patient’s psychology. Start feeding the patient with anorexia with all sorts of buns and cakes and think after that, everything will be fine-just a great stupidity. William, as described in the movie “To the Bone,” wants to return from Ellen elementary desire to fully live. He chatted with the girl for hours on various topics. Many believe that Beckham has an unconventional method of treatment, but it always gives a positive result. Ellen slowly gets rid of obsessive and painful thoughts.