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Tomb Raider (2018) full movie online free megashare9: Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she finds herself on the island where her father disappeared.

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  • Tomb Raider 2018 Watch Online - 20 September, 2017

    The heroine of the adventure action movie Lara Croft online was always raving about archeology. During her life she did more for this science than any other scientist. Lara found ancient tombs, lost cities and even under water she managed to find a city that had been unsuccessfully searched for many years. This time events take us to London. Young Lara is about to become the owner of a large corporation. Once her father was the head of the girl. But now seven years have passed since his disappearance. All these years, relatives and friends waited for his return, but this never happened. And even the closest people have lost hope that Lara’s father is alive.
    But the girl herself did not reconcile with the death of her father. Refusing to lead the company, she decides to go on an expedition: exactly to the place where her father was last seen – to Japan. Lara feels that her native person is alive, and you just need to help him return home. On the nearby island there is an ancient tomb. It is her secret that the young heiress will have to solve. But the journey is much more dangerous than the heroine imagined. On its way are set many traps, protecting the peace of those who are hidden in the ancient tomb. Will Lara find her father and restore the honor of her family?